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Bentonville Physical Therapy Clinic

Premiere Physical Therapy Clinic Bentonville ARPremiere Physical Therapy is a therapist owned clinic, founded in 2007, and located in Bentonville, Arkansas. Our staff is dedicated to achieving the best possible rehabilitation for our physical therapy patients. We offer a convenient location, convenient office hours, and we accept most major insurance plans. We are truly committed to providing a great physical therapy experience for all of our patients. At Premiere Physical Therapy you are more like a friend than just another patient. "We Make The Difference . . ."

Our physical therapists utilize a caring, hands-on approach to guide you through a physical therapy program that is customized for your particular condition. Our personalized approach enables our therapists to provide the best possible care and afford the patient the ability to move through a physical therapy program at their own pace. We believe that this approach means a better experience during the physical therapy service.

Physical Therapy Clinic Bentonville ARWhether you have a minor sprain from a weekend sport, a serious workplace injury, an accident related injury, or general physical issues brought on by aging, disease or other natural conditions, our physical therapists can assist in restoring your best possible condition. We routinely treat occupational injuries, sports injuries, orthopedic disabilities and life related ailments.

As a patient, you will see that Premiere Physical Therapy and Sports Rehab Clinic stands out - in a good way!. Our friendly staff makes you feel like family and we are all proud to be a part of the Bentonville medical community. Call us to learn more about how we can help you with our expert physical therapy services.